The world’s leader in commercial armored vehicles

We offer an absolute new kind of car armoring which is called 3D SHIELD and is of a very light weight. As an example: the heaviest shield on a Mercedes E would be of just about 200kg including everything in level B4.

Why armored vehicles?

Armored Swiss is specialized in armoring all types of vehicles since 1981. Working in conjunction with aeronautics agencies, Armored Swiss develops increasingly lighter armor composites. It was the flexibility to meet clients’ needs.

Its advanced machinery, impressive production capacity, and highly qualified personnel have solidified Armored Swiss’ position as one of the leading armoring companies in the world. It is widely recognized by embassies, top international agencies, governmental institutions and prestigious multinational corporations.

Integral security
Armored Swiss offers a vast catalogue of products designed accordingly to its clients’ unique specifications. The company is specialized in making armored glass, armored accessories, Run flat tires, and an assortment of armored vehicles, including cars, SUV, aircraft vehicles, helicopters, boats, trains and locomotives. Armored Swiss is also engaged in special armoring projects.

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